Jordan Mackey Course – Make Money On Youtube Made Easy Review 2019

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You don’t have to be a charismatic superstar to make big money on YouTube.

 In fact, you don’t even have to make videos to make money on YouTube.

After several trial and error courses, including Jordan Mackey’s “Make Money Easy On Youtube”, you could say I have become an expert in what NOT to do.

The plus side? I am able to say I earn $50k a month, and so I also clearly know what TO DO. The YouTube strategies in this particular course were certainly fascinating, and I did makes some money via YouTube, but I leveraged those skills along with business lead generation to get to where I am today which is $50k per month.

Today, I’ll be giving a straightforward, non-bias review of Jordan’s course as well as comparing his process with my main go-to for passive income which is business lead gen.

Who is Jordan Mackey?

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Jordan Mackey is a digital entrepreneur who has dipped his toe into many lucrative digital ventures.

From social media to affiliate marketing, Jordan has found new and innovative ways to make money through digital content.

What he discovered about YouTube nearly blew his mind. He could repurpose existing video content for profit. He didn’t need to a video specialist either.

He became a broker for ad content and started earning serious money with the most basic YouTube channel.

Make Money On YouTube Made Easy 2019 Summary

Jordan shows you how easy it is to earn top dollar. Search YouTube for high-ranking video content. Lots of views. Lots of subscribers.

You download that content. You post it on your own video channel. The difference is that you amplify its selling value.

You use some basic SEO skills to optimize the video. You tag it to get more views. You create more impressive thumbnails to get the attention of the YouTube universe. Then you include ads.

You can monetize the existing content for yourself.

How is this legal? What about copyright laws?  Isn’t this stealing?

This approach is completely above board. You just have to identify certain videos to reuse.

 Jordan will explain all that in the course.

That’s just the beginning of what you’ll discover. You will also learn all that you need to know to be successful in YouTube video reposting:

·         How to research high performance video content

·         How to build your own YouTube channel

·         Intro to the YouTube dashboard

·         Generating titles that get searched

·         Using tags to optimize SEO

·         Generating copy content to enhance video performance

·         Creating effective thumbnails

·         Including ads in your video content

·         Monetizing video for steady income

Jordan gives you the intel and tools to transform YouTube into your own personal moneymaker.

See what videos you can repurpose for personal profit. You will be amazed at how many of these videos exist and are not being monetized.

Go on a deep dive into changing these videos into your own content. See how the complete back end of YouTube works.

 Jordan will give you case studies on title optimization and copy and how they enhance viewing and subscriptions.

Get direct insight on tagging and YouTube SEO that has made Jordan an expert.

Get the lowdown on how to place ads on these videos so that they can start earning money for you every day.

Before long, you will be sitting back in your home office watching videos make you big money. 

Every view and subscription is added revenue in your bank account.

Never worry about copyright laws or licensing.

With Jordan’s help and guidance, you will be a YouTube broker with big bucks. 

While Jordan’s YouTube Skills are Fire, I Personally Found Much More Success Through This…

This simple model will amaze you. 

It shows you how to create websites for small businesses who just don’t have the ability to market themselves. 

By getting leads for them, you can start making them— and yourself— so much money. 

There’s already so many buyers out there who are looking for these company’s products and services. You just have to help these people find them. 

Let’s see how the two processes we’ve talked about compare:

Cons of Youtube Content Repurposing

  • Risk of loss of channel and subscribers
  • Channel growth will be immensely difficult
  • Can get lost in the sea of other Youtubers
  • Income based on viewers, so it can be unreliable and inconsistent

Why Business Lead Gen Was Ideal For Me

  • Reliable Monthly Income
  • Help local businesses grow and build relationships with them
  • Ownership of all digital domains you create
  • Once established the website will just continue to generate leads and becomes passive income

Pay attention to this limo service’s rank on Google’s search results:

That’s what makes your site valuable and why they’ve been paying me for years now.

Just forwarding the leads to the business owners is all they need to benefit from what you do.

I told you it was simple! 

You’d also have full ownership of the websites. So, if someone drops you for whatever reason, you won’t have to start from scratch. Just sell the leads elsewhere.

Better yet, the websites need little to no help staying at the top once they’re ranked. 

So once your site is finished and gaining leads, your work with that website is finished!

That’s what makes it possible for me to manage several sites without a problem and make so much money off of them monthly. 

The owners of this tree care business have been paying me every month since 2014 for the leads I get them:

But how much money are we talking?

Two thousand dollars. Every month.

I haven’t found a better opportunity out there, it’s been my only way to make a living for the past 5 years. 

We’ve also got a thriving community filled with people just starting and people who have been doing this for years.

We all help each other, so don’t ever think your on your own out there!

This guy’s already off to a great start:

By taking this business lead generation course, you’ll never have to work long shifts ever again. 

Join this growing community of successful entrepreneurs and get as much mentoring you need to start making the passive income you’ve always dreamed of.

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