Graham Stephan Course– The YouTube Creator Academy Review 2019

Your success with YouTube is all about the numbers. You know that.

But how do you reach those high ranks without a big spend?

There are specific tactics for organic growth known to only a few Youtubers. They cultivate a powerful following, which means serious monetization.

I’ve taken many courses in pursuit of a successful living for myself, including this one.

I make $50k per month leveraging the skills I’ve learned with online marketing via various platforms. The one that benefits me the most is using Google and applying a few genius strategies, most of which are contained in this business lead generation course.

I’ll be reviewing Graham’s course and will also be comparing a career in Youtube plus the business lead generation strategy I personally use to supplement my passive income further on…

Who is Graham Stephan?

Graham Stephan dipped his toe in digital marketing as a side hustle. Just a way to earn on top of his full-time job.

He never would have thought that his success with YouTube would lead to huge followings and a steady stream of income from monetized video content.

He would be the first to tell you that he had plans to quit is nine-to-five. But he did.

Now he is ready to share all that he has learned from his YouTube journey and how it can be your success story too.

The YouTube Creator Academy Summary

When we think YouTube, we think social influencers. Those young kids who make millions making video journals about their lives. Not everybody has that charisma. At least Graham didn’t. 

But he still wanted part of the YouTube money action.

That’s what makes this course so amazing. This is a digital marketing course that literally turns your video content into a revenue channel.

Graham shows you the basics of building a strong video library that captures audiences.

No, this is not some big-time influencer approach. It’s simpler, but it works.

Your how-to videos, review videos and other content that has a lot more to do with content than personality pull in big numbers too.

Graham shows you why informational video content is one of the biggest attractions on YouTube. Viewers come to YouTube every day for info on tons of different stuff.

If you own that content then you get those eyeballs. 

But this is just the beginning of what YouTube Creator Academy teaches. You will also learn:

·         How to optimize your YouTube pages with written content

·         Create video titles that impact SEO

·         Generate links that act as affiliate backlinking revenue

·         Develop thumbnails that catch the eye of YouTube viewers

·         Build channels to relevant audiences and target to them

·         Promote content through other social media channels to build your awareness

Graham shows you how to easily work the YouTube dashboard to create high quality content.

He shows you how to begin with a YouTube strategy so that you know where to begin and what your target goals should be.

Graham take you through the process of building individual video pages including tagging pages for enhanced optimization.

He shows you how to build subscriber lists through social media channels. How to use groups to build up audiences on specific topics and make them devoted followers.

In time, your subscription list and views will skyrocket. The methods Graham uses are quick and easy approaches to earning heavily on your video content.

Once you get those views and subscriptions, you can watch your page begin to monetize big time. 

Graham’s Course is Great for Aspiring Youtubers, But the Real Money is Here…

It’s quite the simple business model.

Since small businesses don’t have time to market themselves online.

We generate leads and forward the calls to them.

We help them get the business of those who are on their phones searching for services or products like theirs.

Here is how I’d compare business lead gen with being a Youtuber

Cons of Youtube

  • Increased exposure can lead to creating a bad reputation easily.
  • Editing videos require time and money.
  • Will be time-consuming as you will need to upload regularly.
  • Constant criticism from people on the Internet

Why I Chose Business Lead Gen:

  • Once the website is ranked it requires little to no maintenance
  • Build relationships with local businesses
  • No worries if a client drops you, you own the website
  • Scale easily and reliably

With our skills, we get our lead generation sites ranked to the top of Google, like this limo service:

We own all the sites we build, down to the tracking phone number we use.

We forward the lead to our client and they close the deal.

They get paid, we get paid.

Simple as that.

And don’t worry about the maintenance.  Once the sites are ranked, they stay ranked with minimal to no maintenance.

A real passive income.  One that can help better your life.

I have about 80 sites build coast to coast all paying me monthly to generate and forward these leads.

Some of my sites have not been touched since 2014, like this tree care site:

I’m sure you would like to know how much you can make with such an easy biz model.

$2K per month of pure profit.

I have been building these sites since 2014 and I have not stopped because I haven’t found a better form of passive income.

You too can make great money from home.

To further assist you, we’ve got a huge community filled with new and experienced people alike.

Here’s a newbie who are already building for a great future:

This coaching program will teach you everything you need to know with the help of a growing community of seriously experienced and high level digital marketers.

I hope you decide to join the community and make some real, life changing money.

You’ll be happy you did.

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