Jordan Mackey Course – Youtube Advanced Masterclass Review 2019

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If you’ve made some money on YouTube, its time take those earnings to the next level.

Advanced YouTube marketing can amplify your content, identify and target robust audience sets and increase your monetization potential.

There are so many platforms you can leverage nowadays to make money online.

I’m proud to say I’ve reached my goal of $50k per month as of 2019. Along with implementing this method, as well as another online passive income strategy which is simple lead generation for business owners .

In this article, I will review Jordan’s Youtube Advanced Masterclass course and compare using Youtube marketing for profits to my main income source, business lead gen.

Who is Jordan Mackey?

Jordan Mackey was a business professional who hated the office life. He turned to digital marketing to free up his time.

He quickly became a leader in YouTube marketing. His proven methods for brokering YouTube videos and turning them into cold cash has made him a digital marketing sensation.

He is upping his game. His Advanced Masterclass in YouTube takes all of his teachings and pumps them on steroids.

There’s more to learn and with significantly more profits.

YouTube Advanced Masterclass Summary

If you follow Jordan’s lead you are probably already killing it on YouTube.

After teaching you how to make it big through video brokering, Jordan expanded his course offering.

He got deeper into YouTube marketing. He wanted to perfect his process.

As a result, his masterclass explores audience sets in a complex level. Rather than hoping searchers on Google find the videos you’ve tagged, Jordan has developed methods to target key audiences based on video content.

His niche techniques are nothing new to digital marketing, but they are new to YouTube.

Videos were considered a landing pad for searchers on the internet, just another form of consumable content.

Jordan found that focusing niche with video was a whole new ball game and highly profitable.

Here is what he reveals in this amazing course:

·         How to detect niche market audiences

·         How to align video content with key viewers

·         How to branch out your video channels for different niches

·         How to scale your growth using these proven methods

With niche marketing tactics that Jordan teaches, you eliminate the guesswork. You can start targeting the ideal audience with relevant content. That means more views and more subscriptions. That translates into more monetization!

Jordan shows you how to organize video content through diverse channels. You are essentially creating a YouTube empire network. Each channel speaks to different audience sets. You just keep loading it with fresh content.

Jordan takes you deeper into marketing your video channels. He shows how Facebook, Twitter and even Pinterest become powerful methods for promoting videos and driving up sales.

Jordan helps you create clearly defined marketing goals with budgets in mind, so you always experience high ROI.

He brings back his best practices so that you can optimize your content perfectly. That means strong written content, proper tagging and SEO.

You are not only boosting existing content, but now targeting the optimal viewers.

Jordan shows you how to craft ads specifically for target audiences and generate vastly more income with this approach.

If you are content with your YouTube earnings, then this course is not for you.

If you are ready to supercharge your YouTube campaigns, then Jordan will give you the energizing intel that will transform your YouTube profits and performance.

While Youtube Marketing Is Very Valid, I’m Much Happier With This Method…

Here’s where it begins…

A small business needs people to make deals with. Problem is, they don’t have a large enough presence to get those people.

So, I get on my laptop, make a website, rank it on Google’s search results, and sell the leads I get to them.

They pay me for the leads my website generates and they thrive off the business my website gets them.

Everyone is making profits. It’s a simple process where everyone wins.

I’d be willing to bet that you’re interested on how does this compare to Youtube marketing:

Cons of Youtube Marketing

  • Channel growth is a long and difficult process. Not to mention results aren’t guaranteed.
  • Income is not very reliable or consistent
  • Low security
  • Risk of developing a bad reputation

Why I’m Very Happy With Business Lead Gen

  • Basically sells itself
  • Reliable and consistent monthly income
  • Help local businesses reach their potential
  • If a business drops you, you keep the website

Do you see how my limo service website tops the search results?

That’s a huge part in it generating leads. It’s basically what sells your website.

And once your website is there, you won’t have to do anything else for that website. It becomes a source of passive income.

But what if a company decides they don’t want you anymore?

Well, it’s YOUR website. You keep the site and its rank, just move the leads to another company that wants to pay. No risk.

Here is a tree service site. We’ve been working together since 2014. They’ve never missed a payment:

I’m earning $2k a month from that site alone. And you’d better bet I’ve got several businesses paying me for websites.

It’s such a wonderful process, that I couldn’t be more grateful to have stumbled upon.

But, don’t just take my word for it.

We’ve got a huge community out there. Both old members and new.

Here’s someone who is already building his passive income:

And they’ve all taken the same business lead generation course.

This is a great opportunity to build something, and like me and thousands of others, you won’t look back.

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