Kody Course – Youtube Mastery Class Review 2019

While YouTube continues to make millionaires with viral content, most people don’t realize that there are specific methods for creating that success.

In other words, it’s not an accident. Influencers and viral content producers already know the drill.

There have been several techniques I’ve used to earn a living. This one has certainly helped me pay the bills, I wanted a bit more.

So, I’ve combined this method with getting leads for local businesses and I am now earning $50k per month.

Today, I will review Kody’s course, “Youtube Mastery Class”, and compare making Youtube videos with using business lead generation to make passive income.

Who is Kody?

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Kody is a professional Youtuber. He has created numerous channels and all are monetizing.

His videos bring in high income on a monthly basis and his subscription levels continue to grow.

Kody created this course to show how easy it is to turn YouTube into a consistent revenue stream.

YouTube Mastery Class Summary

Kody built his course knowing that many may not even know anything about using YouTube, other than looking at videos.

He created really engaging training modules to expose the backend dashboard of YouTube. This is where the magic happens.

Kody walks you through the process of setting up a channel. He shows how to upload video content and how to make it perform at its best.

Most importantly he shows you how to set up your account to start making money from views.

The back end isn’t technical at all, so Kody easily walks you through the steps for posting content. He also includes a training module on modifying content.

That means editing video directly on the YouTube platform.

The most interesting fact is that YouTube is just like any other web page. It has SEO value.

Kody gives you the best practices for optimizing both your channel and each video you load.

He even includes a checklist so you can mark your way through the optimization process:

·         Doing your keyword research to define your video’s SEO value

·         Generating a title that captures Google’s and your audience’s attention

·         Writing intro content that informs and engages your audience beyond the video

·         Adding links to additional web content where you can sell even more

·         Adding tags that enhance the SEO performance of the page

·         Creating title cards easily on the dashboard for audience engagement

Creating these highly optimized videos is only part of your process. Kody then takes you into what it takes to create viral content.

He shows how you can capture other certain high-ranking content, edit it and make it your own. This is absolutely legal.

Lots of free use content is actually performing extremely well on YouTube. By taking ownership you can begin earning money directly from views of this free content.

Kody’s goal is to help you earn as much as you can from videos on Youtube.

He shows you many of the ways videos become viral sensations and how to create shadow content that captures these engaged audiences.

He includes case studies and actual research that reveals the success of these trends.

He goes in-depth into what a little research and some common sense can produce on your own.

Videos on YouTube continue to bring in huge audiences with little effort. Kody wants to give you every detail that goes into creating video content that users want.

This is the best way to optimize your YouTube account into a moneymaker. 

It Was a Great Experience, But I’ve Had a Better One With This…

Firstly, let’s compare the two methods I’ve mentioned.

What You Won’t Like About Making Youtube Videos

  • Even with a method, going viral is a shot in the dark
  • You might get lost in the amount of Youtubers there are
  • Video production is costly
  • Incredibly time-consuming

Why I Endorse Generating Leads for Businesses

  • Once a website is done, there is no requirement of maintenance
  • Income is consistent
  • Sells itself
  • Help businesses grow

Here’s where it starts…

Smaller businesses have a lot of trouble getting their name out there.

If they can’t draw attention they won’t be able to make the profits they need to survive.

And that’s where people like us come in.

We make a website, rank it up on a search engine, and forward the hits it gets to the business who’s paying us.

Pretty simple work once you get the hang of it.

Here’s a website I started for a limousine service. You’ll see its got a high ranking on Google:

This high ranking is what gets the website more attention and adds value it.

Plus, once it is getting leads, you won’t have to touch it ever again.

It just sits there earning you passive income and generating leads for your client.

And don’t sweat it if a company doesn’t need your service anymore.

Since you own the site, you keep the website and its rank stays as well, all you have to do is move those leads to another company that is willing to pay.

This is a tree care service that has been paying me $2k a month for about four years now:

Don’t worry about being lost when you’re starting out.

There is a large, active community who all are in this line of work. They can guide you if you’ve got any questions on your mind.

This person is already off to an amazing start:

You’ll learn all you need to thrive in this line of work with this online lead gen for businesses course.

I wish you the best in your venture toward a building your own profitable lead gen empire!

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