Viking Warrior from Birka Grave Confirmed as female

War was not an activity exclusive to males in the Viking world. A new study conducted by researchers at Stockholm and Uppsala Universities shows that women could be found in the higher ranks at the battlefield. Charlotte Hedenstierna-Jonson, who led the study, explains: “What we have studied was not a Valkyrie from the sagas but […]

Neanderthal Bones From Goyet Show Signs of Butchering

Neanderthal bones from an excavation in Belgium have yielded evidence of intentional butchering. The findings, from the Goyet caves near Namur, are the first evidence of cannibalism among Neanderthals north of the Alps. The skeletal remains were radiocarbon-dated to an age of around 40,500 to 45,500 years. This group of late Neanderthals also used the […]

Body in Well Confirms Viking Saga

Archaeologists working in Trondheim in Norway are amazed by the discovery of a human skeleton in the bottom of an abandoned castle well. The skeleton provides evidence that confirms dramatic historical events mentioned in the Sagas. The location and contents of the well are mentioned in Sverre’s Saga, a chronicle of one of the kings […]

Discovering a Roman Imperial Winery at Vagnari Italy

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Archaeologists Uncover Bronze Age Trade Routes Between Iran and Mesopotamia

The impressive statues of ancient Mesopotamian rulers bear witness to the wealth of Bronze Age Akkadian and Sumerian city-states more than four thousand years ago. But they are made of black diorite and gabbro stone not found in the region of today’s Iraq and northeastern Syria. Where did it come from? The blocks of stone […]

Evidence for Plant Cultivation at 23000-Year-Old Site in Galilee

The Middle East is called the “Cradle of Civilization” because it is where our hunter-gatherer ancestors first established sedentary farming communities. Recently, the traditional dating of humans’ first agricultural attempt was shaken up by the discovery of the earliest-known example of plant cultivation in the Levant, 11,000 years earlier than previously accepted. The team of […]

Barley and Wheat Residues in Neolithic Cemeteries of Central Sudan and Nubia

A research team successfully identified ancient barley and wheat residues in grave goods and on teeth from two Neolithic cemeteries in Central Sudan and Nubia, showing that humans in Africa were already exploited domestic cereals 7,000 years ago and thus five hundred years earlier than previously known. The results of the analyses were recently published […]

Chinese Homo Sapiens Fossil Shifts Perceptions of Dispersal

The discovery of two teeth in Lunadong, a cave site located in Guangxi (southern China), lends weight to the possibility that the exodus of modern humans from Africa may have been earlier than 60,000 years ago, as traditionally thought. Christopher Bae, a palaeoanthropologist at UH Mānoa, and Wei Wang of the Guangxi Museum of Nationalities […]

70000 Year Old African Settlement Unearthed

During ongoing excavations in northern Sudan, Polish archaeologists from the Institute of Archaeology and Ethnology in Poznań, have discovered the remains of a settlement estimated to 70,000 years old. This find, according to the researchers, seems to contradict the previously held belief that the construction of permanent structures was associated with the so-called Great Exodus […]

Viking Age Revninge Woman an Exceptional Find

A newly discovered female figurine amulet from Revninge in the east of Denmark represents a very interesting find due to her remarkably detailed Viking Age dress. On April 22, 2014, Paul Uniacke had started to explore a field near Revninge with his metal detector – several items had already been recovered when to his astonishment […]